To Bali with love.
Join us, in spirit, as "Spirit of The Bahamas" takes the first step
on a ground breaking voyage from The Bahamas to Bali.
Help us play a part in reducing the damage done by
the need and greed for sweet crude oil.
We intend to construct the 82ft. (25 m.) motor catamaran "Spirit of the Bahamas" here in the Bahamas - at a small fraction of the cost of most vessels of similar speed and capacity. We then plan to undertake an extensive voyage halfway around the world in order to demonstrate her excellent sea going qualities and a level of fuel efficiency, which exceeds the norm by a factor of  500 %.  
We believe that this voyage will encourage the wide spread use of similar vessels and, thereby, provide significant benefits to the planet and its inhabitants.
This web site was set up in 2002 for a project which did not get off the ground and is no longer being pursued. However, the underlying rationale for the project is still as valid as it was back then. Anyone, interested in energy conservation in general and it's relation to boat design in particular, may find some useful information on these pages. Other than tidying it up a bit, the site has been left as it was - when last published in 2002

This site is currently listed in the web directory: >designers >design projects-power > Robby New
All information, essential to this venture, has been included on the 2 HOME pages. Those seeking further, in depth, information on a particular aspect of this project are invited to click on any of the following links:

Wake up and smell the oil
Fuel efficiency projections and comparisons
Design evolution and philosophy
Design and construction (specifications and technical data)
Proof of performance
Potential effect on global enviromental impact and socioeconomic conditions
A few thoughts on the road less travelled
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Spirit of the Bahamas